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Watering Our Growth

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Last summer, I was lucky enough to have a backyard garden. As a result I experienced an abundance of greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, peas; you name it. With so much growth, one would assume, "It must have been a lot of work." And the simple response is that it wasn't, at least not by the human. Beyond the initial planting and soil-support, the only work required from me was watering and harvesting as needed. The rest was surrendering to nature's innate desire to grow.

It got me thinking about my own growth. What is the equivalent of watering and harvesting for my life? What environments are conducive for growth? What tasks or daily labors support my natural inclination toward expansion? And where do I over-engaged or try when the most supportive action is to surrender and trust?

In effort to answer this question, I decided to make a table identifying the intention of what I do for the garden and then, find an equivalent for myself.




Amend the soil

ensures a nourishment home from which the plants can draw nutrients

meal planning and grocery shopping

Planting seeds

identifying what you want to grow in your space

setting priorities for the time I have available


allows the nutrients in the soil to access the plant

giving myself food and water regularly throughout the day


ensures longevity of the plant and maximizes growth through the season

burnout prevention; giving myself space to celebrate wins and make space for new energy or projects


removes obstacles that compromise access to resources that support growth

set boundaries with people and habits that distract me from my growth or purpose

Sun exposure

another necessary source of nourishment that allows plants to thrive

trusting my connection and basking in the love of supportive friends, family, and community

Rest at night

allows plant to rest and have moments of non-production

sleep but also, quiet reflections or surrendering to moments of rest that aren't necessarily "productive"

What are your gardening equivalencies? How often would you say you engage in the choices and behaviors that support your growth? Is your environment supportive or does it feel like you're fighting against it? What is within your sphere of influence and what is left to surrender? What feels important for your growth was didn't find a place in this exercise?

Feel free to download a table I made for your own exploration of these themes and share your reflections with your community, with me, or with everyone reading in the comments!

Growth as Gardening
Download PDF • 1.43MB

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