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Body as a Compass

Reclaim your body

as your ultimate guide for

peace, clarity, and alignment

1st Cohort
enrollment has closed
Compass Pointing North

Where do we go?

Far too often wellness recommendations lead to rigidity, burn-out, and guilt. Luckily we each have a tool that was designed to guide us when it comes to caring for ourselves. This tool acts as a compass, providing real-time feedback about your needs in relation to your environment and its innate wisdom points you in the right direction. 


That tool is your body. Your body was designed to support your journey through this life. This course is designed to help you reclaim that connection. 

How do we get there?

This program is for you if you...

  • Are tired of the endless chatter in your mind about food

  • Want more peace and clarity around sustained wellness

  • Have received mixed-messages about self-care practices

  • Judge the quality of your day based on your food choices

  • Feel daily anxiety about what to wear or eat

  • Want more presence but always feel in your head

  • Are preoccupied with what other's will think

  • Struggle with boundaries around your family and friends

Course Outline

Beginning October, participants can flow through the course on their own time until the end of April, 2024.

1 Body as Compass

Rest and Digest - Fight or Flight

Reclaim Your Body

What does authentic "Yes" feel like?

2 Food

Hunger and Fullness

Reclaim Delicious Eating

Sharing control, what's that like?

3 Clothing

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data

Reclaim Pleasing Adornment

Who's experience is centered?

4 Movement


The myth of no pain no gain

Reclaim Joyful Movement

Who is allowed to rest?

5 Relationships

Boundaries: feeling your no

Reclaim Authentic Connection

What am I seeking?

6 Intimacy

Attention to Intention

Reclaim Pleasure

What would please me now?

Learn More About

Mimosa Collins

Mimosa has nearly 10 years of experience supporting individuals cultivate trust and presence with their bodies. She is a registered dietitian that specializes in recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating. In addition to her licensure as a dietitian, Mimosa continually trains in therapy modalities such as Internal Family Systems and Psychodrama. This course is largely informed by her professional expertise supporting individuals finding more peace with food, movement, and desire; as well as her own body-liberation journey through a sexual empowerment lens. Overall, she brings a unique combination of experience and skill to support your journey toward peace, clarity, and alignment.

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Body as a Compass
6 month course

First Cohort Special

has closed

Mimosa offers a compassionate, supportive presence as well as a wealth of knowledge.


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